Why GPS?

Prospects In The GPS Tracking Industry

The Global Tracking / High-Level Surveillance is a vibrant business that has the possibility of giving you a new lease on life. You can make a six-figure first year in profits, including a potent ability to earn residual income. With a huge demand for GPS trackers from brands, companies, individuals and Government agencies, the industry has been touted as a goldmine that can yield an estimated 50 billion dollars in a calendar year.

Becoming our distributor at Birds Eye offers you incredible advantages. You need to see the reasons why the GPS Tracking Distributorship is the next big thing:

1) The market is an untapped opportunity loaded with potentials to make you prosperous. It is a market that is very broad, and it is kind of interesting to know that a tiny part of the market has been reached leaving you with a massive 90% share yet untapped. With a projected revenue of 50 billion dollars to be realised in 2018, there is no better time to join than now. The market is filled with opportunities. GPS trackers have been embraced by various people and has been utilized for personal use, commercial use[ for tracking of limousines and vehicles used for rental services to prevent theft, Government agencies have been using trackers for law enforcement duties. You will make more money selling these trackers to millions of users waiting to purchase these devices.

2) As our certified distributor, you do not need an office space to sell these trackers. Birds Eye will give you the necessary support and serve as your back office/ support staff.

3) Our distributors receive payment of the residual income into their bank accounts every day of the year.

4) Massive need for the products: With an increase in the rate of accidents and terrorist attacks around the world, there is no better time to be more security conscious. More people are feeling the need to monitor their children and companies are seeking for measures to check the activities of their employees for enhanced productivity. Our trackers at Birds Eye are reliable and can give your clients their desired results.

5) Birds Eye trackers are created with advanced technology, and you are entitled to compounding revenue.

6) We create a reliable platform that ensures business opportunity and unlimited income prospects.

7) Our customer service remains one of the best in the industry as we have an incredible track record in the offering of excellent marketing and technical support.

8) Our distributorship plan offers you an opportunity to cover a large marketing area without another distributor in your network.

9) GPS TRACKING is in demand. With the right marketing and networking strategy you should not have a hard time selling them as more people are looking for these products.

10) We provide all our distributors with necessary marketing support required to ensure their success within a short time.

11) As our distributor, you are also exempted from paying franchise fees, royalties.