About Us

For ten years, Birds Eye Global Tracking has been providing creative GPS tracking solutions. We have worked tirelessly over the last six years by working on trusted software that will ensure the safety of your loved ones and cherished belongings. Our aim is to provide our clientele with exceptional GPS tracking technology invention that is distinct.
Birds Eye Global Tracking Software
We have software that is mobile-user friendly with no installation needed. The software is renowned for its compatibility with electronic gadgets such as laptops, tablets and smartphones. Our software is useful for keeping track of the movement of persons or vehicles to know the exact location at a particular point in time. Once you log in, you can trace the location of your GPS tracker.
The Number One Choice of Caretakers
At Birds Eye Tracking solution, we take pride in providing innovative GPS tracking products with outstanding attributes that help you ensure the safety of persons close to your heart. Our trackers are one of the best devices you could ever buy. They can perform a perfect job when they are required for tracking functions. Our trackers are implanted with the most recent technology features and S.O.S. capabilities.
Availability of Military-Grade GPS Trackers 
Birds Eye Global Tracking provides military-grade trackers for the populace as well as caretakers. Our “Eagle” trackers have exciting qualities which are resistance to shock and weather. It has a rigid military casing that can track any location. Our trackers are trusted and can be exploited to keep track of your loved ones, car and properties. When you are in search of a credible brand for your trackers, Bird Eyes is the go-to brand name. Let’s have a chat to help you create the tracker that is most suitable for your needs. We are always here to assist you with your needs.
If you want tough, we’ve got it! There’s no better way to stay in-touch with the location of a vehicle, driver, or loved one than to keep a Birds Eye on what matters to you the most!
Call us today to find the right tracker for your needs! We are here to help.