Turnkey GPS


We look forward to providing stringent requirements about the process of becoming a distributor with us. We want to have a group of people who want to change their financial status for the better; our target is to help them earn a residual income that will help them sort out their daily expenses. This revenue is a sum of money accrued to each distributor at the end of each month after your company’s costs have been deducted. This income is also known as “Absolute Income”. Here are some interesting details about the GPS tracking industry that will amaze you.


The GPS industry is a thriving company loaded with potentials to offer a huge revenue of ten billion dollars annually. Almost everyone is paying close attention to the security of their loved ones and properties. More companies have felt the need to place GPS trackers in their vehicles more than ever. More people are getting more conscious of their safety, and this has improved the sales of GPS trackers. More organisations are utilising trackers for their services as reputable bodies such as EPA nad DOT have opined that reduction of speed by 10MPH can save cost expended on fuel by 20%. Assisted living homes that are saddled with the responsibility of taking care of elderly people and sick patients are one of the brands that have embraced the use of GPS tracking. Over 5.2 million individuals have been diagnosed with the Alzheimer disease in America. One of the symptoms of this ailment is wandering. Finding these patients can be difficult without the use of GPS trackers. Kids who also suffer from autism need trackers as wandering is also a common feature to them. There is a significant demand for GPS trackers as parents of teenage drivers are aware that they require trackers in the cars of their children to monitor their movements. GPS tracking can be used to avert or reduce accidents among teenage drivers.


You might be wondering why you should choose Birds Eye Global Tracking for your trackers; the answer is pretty simple.


Birds Eye Global Tracking has a team of well-trained engineers who are specialists in their fields. These professionals invent innovative and technological devices according to the demands of our clientele. We have the software and possess the ability to stay ahead of our competitors in the industry. Our esteemed distributors have a relative advantage as our products are trendy and serve its real purpose. We look for opportunities to expand our revenue base as this will motivate our distributors will work harder. Our range of products offers relevant information to private individuals and corporate brands. Our trackers can be used for various purposes.


Personal Use:

GPS trackers are ideal for special needs personal tracking of kids who have autism, Alzheimer Patients and the elderly who require close monitoring. GPS trackers are also perfect for tracking of cars driven by teenagers as it helps the parents of these young teens know their precise location and send speed alerts. The tracking of pets is gaining momentum too.


Commercial Use:

Companies that offers rental services can take advantage of our GPS trackers as it can prevent unauthorized use of official vehicles and delay. Buying our trackers can save these companies up to 25% in insurance expenses.


Asset Tracking:

You can use our trackers to protect your valued items such as jewellery, expensive freight, construction equipment and other valuable personal effects.


Law Enforcement:

With terrorist attacks across the globe, there is a need to raise the bar by ensuring the safety of lives and properties. The use of trackers can be used to monitor suspicious movements, and more security professionals and outfits have embraced the use of GPS trackers. Examples of the users in this category are private Investigators, Police Departments, Parole Officers, and Homeland Security.