Teen Driving Safety: GPS Offers Speed Alerts & More

When discussing teen safety one of the first things any parent worries about is teen driving. And rightfully so considering the stats prove the number one cause of premature death among teenagers is automobile accidents. Now numerous factors can result in a person getting into an accident, many of which are uncontrollable.
However, aggressive driving behaviours such as speeding relate to an increase of a motorist being involved in a collision or wreck. This is where real-time GPS helps parents. Real-time GPS trackers provide live updates on the speed a teen is travelling, and the devices can even send out an alert to parents if a teen has surpassed the designated “safe” speed limit.
With these particular tools, parents can intervene the moment their teen begins to show aggressive driving tendencies, changing the driving behaviour of the teen. Also, reducing the likelihood of that teen becoming involved in an auto accident.