Raven 4G LTE GPS Tracker

$149.99 $68.95


Long Term Tracker

The Raven is ideal for small business owners, parents, and anyone else who needs to keep track of what they value most. Loaded with features, this battery-powered GPS tracker gives you real-time location viewing from the comfort of your computer, tablet or smartphone; The Raven fully rechargeable battery you won’t waste any battery life when your target isn’t moving. This GPS tracking device’s weather-resistant body makes it more versatile than comparable trackers.

Raven Features:

  • Optional Internal & External long term battery
  • Built-in vibration sensor
  • Compact size
  • SOS button
  • Customizable reporting intervals
  • Geo-zone alerts
  • 24/7 GPS tracking
  • Mobile access (iOS and Android))
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Store & Forward when out of cell coverage
  • Direct Google Link to smart phones when SOS  hit