Private Investigator

Birds Eye Global Tracking has an impressive track record of maintaining a professional relationship with reputable private investigators and different federal agencies. This record has earned an enviable status, and we have been doing this for more than a decade. As a brand that focuses on delivering customer satisfaction and excellent services, we realised that private investigators cannot do without two crucial features when they are in search of a GPS tracking device, and these two features are:

1. A long battery life
2. The capacity of the tracker to receive signals in various locations and circumstances
As a brand that has the core interests of our clientele in mind, we have quality trackers that are meant to last longer and receive signals.
3. Reception With Birds Eye GPS Trackers
Most tracker users are not aware of this information, but it is necessary as it will save you from stress. Most tracking devices are often mounted on the edge of a car for signal reception purposes. Doing this can expose your GPS trackers to fall as they are not properly installed. We have conducted an in-depth research on how to overcome this issue.
We understand that several parts of a vehicle can be exploited to make space for our trackers. These parts of a car include trunk space, car frames and other spots. We also ensure that our trackers are fixed in a place where they will receive uninterrupted reception.
4. The Birds Eye Battery Difference
A battery life with a longer life is a crucial tool in the arsenal of a private investigator. There is no point making use of a concealed tracker that does not last long. GPS trackers from us have an extended battery life of a thousand hours without a recharge.  Our trackers have two major modes which enable them to maintain a longer life, and these modes are sleep and battery conservation modes. These trackers switch from sleep or battery conversation mode once it detects movement and helps you achieve your target.

You’ve been buying inferior trackers for some time now; it is time to get the premium trackers from a trusted brand that never disappoints.

Here are the testimonies of private investigators that have bought trackers from us:
I have been using trackers for years and with most of them, the results have been spotty at best. With Birds Eye, I have been able to stream line my investigations and get the information faster and with more reliability than ever.

Tommy B. – South Carolina
Birds Eye trackers are the best I have ever used. Not only is the system easy and precise, but the customer service I have received is second to none. Thanks!

Charles L. – Mississippi.
If you’re in the investigation field, we invite you to call us and let us know how we can help make your job easier. We look forward to hearing from you!