Here are the details of our prestigious Turnkey Distributorship:


  1. One Year of Telemarketing to put you in front of procpects.
  2. Unrestricted access to our company’s server.
  3. We help each distributor develop a personalised website.
  4. Access to an attache case that will serve as a store for several products and devices for demonstration purposes.
  5. Free one on one training for all distributors at our corporate headquarters with the benefits of free hotel accommodation, transportation and airfares. There will be continuous free training for all marketing distributors.
  6. We work assiduously to help our distributors with the proper marketing and advertising tactics to assist them to build their customer base. Examples of the strategies we often utilise are press releases, search engine optimisation, direct mail, email blasts and telemarketing assistance.
  7. We provide adequate support for each distributor to be a state vendor.
  8. Each distributor receives exceptional customer support which includes shipping, technical and marketing support.
  9. We also help our distributor create affiliate businesses in their markets.
  10. Production of sales and marketing videos and other TV commercials designed by experts.
  11. We help our distributors with professional support to enable them to get corporate accounts.
  12. Starter inventory of GPS trackers
  13. We provide exclusive marketing area for our distributors.


You can apply to join one of our esteemed distributors by downloading the Distributor Profile Form here. Fill in your correct details and send to us or call us directly to discuss Distributorship options. You will receive a response from our team within 24-48 hours. What we offer on the list provided is subject to change.