1. Must I be well versed in GPS to be successful in the business?

One of the interesting factors about our business is that you will be exposed to more training. We engage in continuous training procedures for all distributors as we conduct webinars and live conference calls for our team members. Each distributor is linked with a personal consultant that will put them through all the process of distributorship.

2. What distinguishes the distributor plan of Birds Eye from the distributorship programs offered by other GPS companies?

Our distributorship plan is unique and not offered in this detail and support by other GPS companies.Birds Eye Tracking created this program to assist you to multiply your sources of income in various spheres of business. You can see the write-up “Why GPS Tracking” on our website for more information.

3. What are the items that every distributor gets after payment?

The first installment covers expenses of setting up and training. This fee gives you access to the marketing kits, trackers, accessories, airfares, accommodations and display sales case.

4. Is there any limit to the number of the distributors Birds Eye Tracking and the market they are meant to service?

We ensure that each market is monitored by Birds Eye management to promote income expansion for each distributor on our platform.

5. What are the other advantages of being a distributor on Birds Eye apart from sales of trackers?

Real value comes in the form of residual income. The exclusive distributors’ purchase product and air time services at a set price. You keep all the profits in dollars.

6. What exclusivity do we get?

Our plan is to make sure that each distributor has a grip on a market without any competition from another distributor on our platform.

7. What if our product gets outdated?

At Birds Eye Tracking solution, we work to make available advanced technologies to all distributors. Updated versions of hardware and software will be supplied to all distributors at no extra fee.

8. Are there any limits to our marketing?

We have a thorough understanding of marketing as the most significant tool for your success in this business. We implore all distributors to engage in a viable marketing process.

9. Can distributors sell on their personal website?

For maximisation of profits, distributors are implored to sell on their website.

10. Are distributors allowed to sell their products in various countries?

Our devices at Birds Eye has been tested and proven to work in more than 176 countries across the globe. We encourage our distributors to be involved in a massive promotion of their products.