Falcon HD

The Falcon HD Tracker is both versatile and economic while also providing all of the information that you need. This device effectively communicates vehicle tracking details to vehicle owners through GSM and GPRS networks. This tracker is ideal for fleet managers and parents in need of location, speed, and other driver tracking details that are readily available.

The Falcon HD comes with:

  • An integrated GPS engineFalcon HD Tracker
  • Embedded cellular
  • PCS and GPS antennas
  • An integrated OBD-II interface
  • UDP support

Installing the Falcon HD is a snap too. This device comes with an integrated J1962 connector, and a design that eliminates the need and cost of hardware installation. The Falcon HD can be installed in a number of vehicles available in North America. Call us to find out if this is the right tracker for your fleet.

Device Features

  • Quick installation
  • No internal battery
  • Live 24/7 tracking
  • Position updates (2 minutes during operation/10 minutes while off)
  • Mobile software access (iOS and Android support).
  • 6 month fleet vehicle history
  • Geo Zone Notifications via email or text
  • Global 3D mapping
  • Idle, speed, and ignition alerts