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Birds Eye Global Tracking is a leading GPS tracking and solutions provider. We offer reliable GPS tracking services to safeguard your assets, properties, and loved ones. Our expertise includes GPS tracking for fleets, vehicles, and personal belongings. Our state-of-the-art GPS trackers ensure precise location accuracy, whether it’s your vehicle, a family member, or any valuable possession.

If you manage a business with a fleet of company vehicles, Birds Eye Global Tracking offers specialized fleet vehicle trackers. These trackers provide real-time data on vehicle location, speed, and direction, making it easier to monitor employees using company vehicles and enhance vehicle security. Additionally, our GPS trackers are ideal for tracking large shipments, offering complete peace of mind.

Choose Birds Eye Global Tracking for advanced GPS tracking solutions that deliver security and efficiency for your assets and business operations.

Birds Eye Global Tracking offers 4 GPS trackers:

1) “Raven” 4G LTE GPS Tracker: The “Raven” 4G LTE GPS Tracker is a versatile, long-term tracking solution designed to safeguard your personal belongings. Whether it’s your backpack, vehicle, or a beloved family member, this tracker provides reliable location tracking. Keep peace of mind and stay connected with your cherished items.

2) “Falcon” GPS Tracker for Vehicles: The “Falcon” GPS Tracker is tailor-made for vehicles, connecting directly to the OBD port. This eliminates the need for frequent charging, as it draws power from the vehicle’s battery. It’s the perfect choice for parents monitoring teen drivers or businesses keeping tabs on employee drivers. With real-time speed alerts and precise location tracking, the “Falcon” ensures vehicle security.

3) “Roadrunner” Fleet GPS Tracker: Our “Roadrunner” Fleet GPS Tracker is the ultimate solution for fleet tracking. This rugged tracker is hardwired into the vehicle, ensuring reliability and continuous operation. It provides comprehensive data essential for individuals or companies managing a fleet of vehicles. Stay in control of your fleet’s movements and enhance operational efficiency with the “Roadrunner.”

4) “Eagle” GPS Tracker for Personal Assets and Fleets: The “Eagle” GPS Tracker is a versatile, sealed waterproof tracking device ideal for personal assets and fleet management. It’s perfect for tracking vehicles, equipment, boats, trailers, and more. With the “Eagle,” you can protect and monitor your assets with confidence, even in challenging environments.

Choose Birds Eye Global Tracking for a wide range of GPS tracking solutions, each designed to meet your specific tracking needs and deliver peace of mind.

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