Since 2007, Birds Eye Global Tracking has been the go-to company for innovative GPS tracking solutions. Throughout the past six years, we have developed software that works to keep your fleet, loved ones, and vehicles safe. From the start, our mission has been to create GPS tracking technology and offer GPS tracking products that stand out from the crowd.

Birds Eye Global Tracking Software

Our software is easy to configure, user-friendly, and is compatible with most smartphones, tablets, and personal computers. Through customized location updates, keeping tabs on any person or vehicle using our original software is simple. Just log in, track, and see where your GPS tracker is located – it’s that simple. We also offer innovative products like the Birds Eye ‘Hawk’ Tracker that have made our company the number one choice for caretakers of special needs individuals.

The Number One Choice of Caretakers

We offer real-time and historical tracking features on a number of our GPS tracking products that add up to around-the-clock safety for your loved one. We offer trackers that operate with or without an unobstructed line-of-sight. When it comes to someone you need to monitor around-the-clock, you can trust our devices to do the job right. We also offer the latest technology available for fleet and other vehicle tracking purposes.

Military-Grade GPS Trackers Available

Not only does Birds Eye Global Tracking offer state-of-the-art GPS trackers for caretakers, we also offer military-grade trackers to the general public.  Our ‘Eagle’ trackers combines our exclusive GPRS “Track Anywhere Technology” inside of a military-tough casing that’s also shock and weather resistant.

If you want tough, we’ve got it! There’s no better way to stay in-touch with the location of a vehicle, driver, or loved one than to keep a Birds Eye on what matters to you the most!

Call us today to find the right tracker for your needs! We are here to help.

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